19 Project Ideas for Leftover Decking Boards

You have just finished constructing your deck, and now you have a few boards and wood cuttings left. How do you use them?

You may think of throwing them away, but that is not a brilliant idea considering they can still be helpful in some other way. Here are some ideas for using your leftover decking boards

Use the boards to create planters or assemble them to make a birdhouse. You can also make outdoor kids play kitchen or use the boards to skirt your deck.

Turning leftover decking boards to furniture like benches or outdoor chairs is also a good project. Also, use the materials to create a privacy screen. 

There are many other projects for your leftover decking boards. We will look at each one of them in detail. Keep reading for further insight on how to ensure your leftover decking boards do not go to waste. 

What Can I Do With Leftover Deck Boards?

There is a myriad of uses for your leftover deck boards. Take a look at some of the projects that you can create out of these materials:

1. Make Planter Boxes 

If you are a gardening connoisseur, leftover deck boards will serve you best as they are perfect for planter boxes. All you need is to design the box size that you require depending on the size of your deck boards. 

You can still buy readymade boxes such as Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Rectangular Garden Planter. Nonetheless, there’s no need to do so when you can create one for yourself using the leftover decking boards. 

The good thing about this project is that it is an excellent way to practice your carpentry skills. It does not matter whether you are a good carpenter or not.

A planter box does not need to be perfect as it’s simply a box to hold the soil where you grow vegetables and flowers. 

You will save money on this project as you do not need to spend on construction materials. It will also save you the time to go to the store to purchase planter boxes. 

2. Bird House

You have a God-given obligation to tend after nature, and one of the ways of doing so is to take care of birds. Provide the birds with a perching space or somewhere they can feed when they visit your yard. With leftover decking boards, you are good to go on owning a birdhouse. 

Constructing a birdhouse is easy. Copy the design of those retailed in online stores. The winemana Wooden Outside Hanging Bird House will give you a rough idea of what you want to create. 

You can do this all by yourself or make it fun by assembling it in the company of your kid. It is a simple structure that will not take much of your time.

Therefore, give it a try. Again, it does not have to be perfect. The aim should be to put the leftover materials to some good use. 

3. Kids Play Kitchen

Kids like to mimic what adults are doing, and you ought to support this as it is an essential part of their development. Construct an outdoor play kitchen using the leftover decking boards and give your kids something to play with. 

Choose an ideal outdoor location where you want kids to cook and construct a play kitchen. It will thrill them to have such a space of their own.

They would also be enthusiastic about helping make it. Hence, spending time outdoors with the kids is an innovative idea. 

4. Skirting Your Deck 

Your deck might be complete, but you need to skirt it to complete your desired final appeal. Skirting the deck should not prove too tasking if you have some leftover decking boards. Use the materials to cover the exposed underside of the deck. 

Make sure to align the deck boards to form a particular pattern. If you are not too sure about doing this, you can ask for help.

Otherwise, you might create a patchwork, especially considering the different leftover decking boards. 

The upside of this project is that the materials will resemble the color of your deck. Hence, it will be a uniform construction.

Depending on the size of the materials, you can align them either vertically or horizontally. Either way, you will have a beautiful deck skirt without spending any extra penny on construction materials. 

5. Outdoor Kitchen or Bar

Use leftover decking boards to create an outdoor bar or kitchen. It will help significantly improve your outdoor space and put the boards into practical use. 

You can enjoy time with family and friends outside the house with such a space, especially during hot weather. If you are looking for a modern look bar, cut the decking boards to the same size and create a pattern. 

Nonetheless, if you are an antique design enthusiast, use different decking boards. It will create a unique design that brings a taste of the traditional bar. Leave them unfurnished and unpainted to complete the vintage look. 

6. Outdoor Bench

Leftover decking boards can make a beautiful, comfortable deck bench and other furniture types. Ensure that the bench perfectly fits the designated deck area for a uniform look. Also, paint or stain it in the same color as the deck to match it. 

Depending on the actual size of decking materials, you can also construct simple chairs. 

7. Privacy Screen

You might have completed making your deck, but there is one more thing left, which is making it private. You do not want your neighbor to peep at you as you are relaxing on the deck. Hence, having a privacy screen is imperative. 

Your leftover decking boards should help construct such a structure. First, create a frame that fits the open space of your deck. Next, attach the leftover decking boards onto the frame to make the privacy screen. 

Also, beware that you need to adhere to the local regulations when determining the height of your privacy screen. Additionally, it is imperative to leave some space between the boards for aeration. For uniformity, ensure that you leave the exact size of the area between the boards.

You are spoilt for choice on the privacy screen design to adopt. Nonetheless, you should be guided by the size and the number of the leftover decking boards. 

8. Soil Sieve

If you love gardening, you understand how a soil sieve is handy in sifting the rough matter off the soil. You can easily create a sieve using decking boards and some leftover chicken wire mesh. 

Use the leftover boards to create a frame. Attach the mesh to the underside of the frame to create a simple soil sieve. It will be a helpful tool in preparing the soil for flower beds by filtering off the unwanted solid particles. 

9. Traditional Flower Bed

You can also use the waste deck boards to construct traditional flower beds. For this, you will need the longer deck boards, but short ones can also do the job. It all depends on the design that you choose. 

If you have hardwood deck boards, the better as they will be resistant to rotting and attack by pests such as termites. Nonetheless, you will still need to protect them, probably via exterior paint or staining. 

10. Decking Steps

If you have a kid, you should create a staircase to help them ascend to the deck quickly. Construct decking steps to improve the accessibility of your deck and its look using the leftover decking boards.

Given that the board remains to resemble the deck, using the leftovers is, therefore, a brilliant idea of giving your structure a uniform look. It will also be an excellent way of putting them into use rather than having them rot in the backyard. 

11. Ferret Ramps

If you have ferrets, it would be an excellent idea to make them comfortable by creating ramps in their cage. You can use leftover decking boards for such a structure. 

Also, you can use the materials to make a roost for birds such as chickens. Therefore, be innovative and find a way of creating a valuable structure for your pets and fowls. 

12. Pipes Coverups 

You may want to cover them up if you have an extensive network of water and drainage pipes next to the house. While uncovered, they are prone to damage and wear out quickly, especially if they are directly contacted with the sun. 

Hence, it is imperative to cover them up. Use the leftover decking boards to construct a cover on the pipes. The best way is to make boxes that cover the lines such that no part is exposed. It will also be a fantastic idea to improve the appeal of your house. 

The platforms you create can also place items such as flower pots. Therefore, it’s a win-win project. It’ll make use of the waste deck boards, cover the pipes, improve the appeal of your house and provide a surface to place items on. 

13. Make a Toolbox

Use the leftover decking boards to create a tool tote. You can make a box as big as you want as long as you have sufficient materials.

Also, create sections on the sides of the box to immaculately arrange the tools to make it quite useful. Make it as customized and valuable as possible. 

14. Improve Your Trail

Are you looking to replace a walkaway in your garden? The leftover decking boards will prove very handy in this. 

First, dig a pathway and make sure that its width is the same size as the boards you want to use. Also, ensure that the ditch is lower than the surrounding ground.

Next, arrange the leftover decking boards onto the trench. Ensure that they perfectly fit by covering the end with soil. 

And as simple as that, you’ll have a beautiful trail that will be free of mud even after it rains heavily. Most of the Decking boards used in constructing the deck are pretreated. Hence, they will sustain the moisture and exposure to sunlight. 

Nonetheless, cleaning it often as an accumulation of dirt will prompt the rotting of the wood. 

15. Improve Your Studio

If you have a painting studio, use the leftover decking boards to improve its appeal. Nail the panels to the wall to create an antique look that inspires creativity. You don’t need to paint it as a studio looks unique and beautiful in its unfinished eye. 

16. Create a Dog Dining Set

Give your dog an impressive feeding area using the leftover decking boards. You can use any leftover decking board for this process. It is easy to work with for the dog dining set if you have pinewood

Drill holes on the board to fit the feeder and the water bowl. Next, hold the bowls on the board. For a complete and beautiful table set, add equally sized table legs. Ensure that you elevate it to a height that your height can comfortably reach when feeding. 

17. Create Lantern Holders

You cannot underestimate the ambiance and beauty that classic look lanterns give to your yard. You can use the leftover decking boards to create the lantern holders in a DIY project. Using the wood materials, also create a bottom for the lantern. 

Also, consider adding a bucket handle at the top to easily carry the lantern from one point to the other. Now your lantern holder is ready to use. Place a candle on the inside part shielded by a WESTINGHOUSE Lighting Corp glass to shield it from the wind. 

Now you have a simple yet classic lamp holder that you can quickly move around. For a sweet aroma around the deck, use scented candles instead of the normal ones. 

18. Sofa Sleeve

You require some space to place your favorite beverage while relaxing on your sofa. Leftover decking boards can create a perfect sofa sleeve.

The project is also cheap, and it’s something that you can do all by yourself on one of the afternoons when you’re free. 

First, measure the dimensions of your sofa and create a perch that perfectly fits onto your couch’s arm. Next, drill a hole on the upper side of the board that can perfectly hold a cup. You can ask your carpenter to create this for you, especially if you want an exquisite design. 

Also, ensure that the hole is large enough to hold a cup of any size, depending on the utensils. 

19. Bike Crate

Give your bike a unique look by attaching a wooden crate made from leftover decking boards. You will require light wood boards to avoid adding too much weight to your bike for this project. You can engage a carpenter to construct and attach the crate to your bike. 

Alternatively, use fasteners to attach it firmly to the bike. You should finally obtain an old-school design that will turn heads around as you ride around the community. 

Can You Reuse Old Deck Boards?

You can reuse old deck boards. Therefore, it’s not time yet if you think of throwing them away. 

All you need is to find some good use that you can use them for. In addition to the above-given benefits, use old deck boards to make picture frames, tables, chairs, and any form of furniture. Nonetheless, remember to cut the rotting parts off first. 

It will take some time to repair the materials, but it will be worthwhile in the end. Therefore, selling the old deck boards or discarding them in some other way should be the last of your options. 

Final Thoughts

If you have already finished making your deck, you have some leftover decking boards. These materials are not useless as you can still find a use for them. There is a myriad of stuff that you can create from these leftover decking boards. 

We have listed some of the few types above. Most of these projects are easy DIY that you can complete without much hassle. Therefore, go ahead and give your leftover decking boards some helpful use. 

Also, be creative. Depending on the size and type, there are other uses that you can give to your leftover decking boards. Just ensure that nothing goes to waste. 


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