14 Creative Ways to Repurpose Furniture for Outdoor Use

Do you have some old furniture that you have been thinking of throwing away? Almost everyone has thought of discarding some furniture that is no longer attractive.

But before you think of discarding it, have you considered repurposing it for outdoor use? You can give your furniture important outdoor use by doing a few repairs and remodeling. Here are 14 creative ways to repurpose furniture for outdoor use:

  1. Make a perked-up planter
  2. Create a couch tub
  3. Invent an outdoor island
  4. Make a chair swing
  5. Innovative bookcase
  6. Create an outdoor leather lounge
  7. Convert a crib into something else
  8. Cabinet door coat rack
  9. Make a cupboard cart
  10. Bed-esque bench
  11. Turn dresser drawers into a puppy spa
  12. Potting bench fix
  13. Cabinet door headboard
  14. Bedspring bottle holders

Read on for an elaborate discussion on how to repurpose furniture in your yard.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Furniture for Outdoor Use 

Consider repurposing your furniture instead of throwing it away or selling it off at a throwaway price. It is one of the most cost-friendly ways of stocking your outdoor yard. You will need to do a few repairs that cost you so little.  

Compared to the cost of buying new outdoor furniture, you’d instead remodel the existing out of use indoor furniture. We are going to discuss the various innovative ideas of achieving this outcome. 

1. Make a Perked-up Planter

If you have an old worn-out table with drawers that you are no longer using, convert it to a flower or vegetable planter. You will need to pull the drawer out and use nail supports on the underside to hold it.

You will be keeping it open. Hence, it needs to have sufficient reinforcement to support the weight of the contents. 

Next, fill the drawers with soil mixed with some manure or fertilizer. You can use it now to plant some kales or flowers. Place it on the patio to add some feel of nature into the area. 

You also need to find a use for the top of the table. Depending on your preferences, you can use it to place plant boxes or flower vases. 

Consider painting it in the same color as the patio for a perfect look. Also, ensure that you place it with sufficient sunlight for the plants to thrive. And that way, you will have given use to your old worn-out table. 

2. Create a Couch Tub

Have you watched Breakfast at Tiffany? You must have noted that there is a couch tub in the movie if you have.

You can also convert your worn-out bathtub into a couch tub. If you have recently replaced your bathtub after you find the old one leaking, don’t discard the old one. 

Cut it from end to end to have two parts that resemble a couch. Next, create a cushion that fits perfectly on the surface of the tub.

Also, consider screwing some supports on the underside of the tub to elevate it. From one tub, you can make two classy couch tubs. 

Nonetheless, this is not a project that you can perform hurriedly. You will need to spare a day or two to complete it. There is quite some work involved in cutting the tub, erecting the supports, and painting it. 

Since you are dealing with ceramics, handle it with care to avoid breaking it. Involve a technician to assist you if you don’t have the right tools to finish the process. 

In addition to taking extended time to complete, you will have to spend some money. Nonetheless, the final product will be worth the investment. 

3. Invent an Outdoor Island

Are you looking for a built-in island for your outdoor patio kitchen? You don’t have to overspend for this if you have an old dresser that you no longer use. 

All you need is to convert the old dresser to the island you have been dreaming of. It will bring some extra space where you can store utensils and food. Consider giving the dresser a newly finished top to make it the ideal kitchen island. 

Also, give the outside a fresh paint coat to match the surrounding. Ultimately, you will have a complete island that uniformly fits into the patio at a low cost. You can do this yourself without employing a helper as there is not much repair work that you need to do. 

4. Make a Chair Swing

Before you think of throwing that broken chair away, consider using it on the swing. You can make your swinging expeditions more enjoyable by attaching a comfortable chair to it instead of a stiff wood plank bottom. 

You will also spend very little to complete this project. Simply cut off the legs of the chair. Next, using screws and a chain, attach the chair to the swing. Then, sand the surfaces of the chair to make it smooth. 

Lastly, give the deck a fresh paint coat to complete the look. You will have created a comfortable swing that is thrilling to use and also attractive than the conventional ones. 

5. Innovative Bookcase

Patio storage for books and other essentials is necessary for any outdoor enclosure. You can achieve this by converting your old bookcase into a patio nightstand. Also, you can create a small outdoor library on the patio using your old wall unit. 

Remove the unnecessary parts to create space on the bookcase to place the books. Install a new set of legs to the wall units to elevate it and improve its look. It will form the ideal platform to place books or other items when you are out resting on the patio. 

Painting it is an innovative idea of making it more attractive and complimenting the appeal of the patio space. 

6. Create an Outdoor Leather Lounge

Leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials. It is, therefore, common to find a leather couch that is sinking out of excessive use, but the leather is still in top form.

You may think of discarding such a couch but wait. If the leather is still in good form, you can transform the sofa into a functional leather lounge. 

Remove the cushion from inside the leather couch as it wears down, especially if it’s sunk. You can use the structure as an outdoor lounge if the frames are still in good condition. If worn out, remove the leather from the old couch and make an outdoor lounge. 

You will need to construct a sturdy frame to support the leather. Ultimately, you will have a beautiful outdoor leather lounge that resembles a hammock. 

7. Convert a Crib into Something Else

Your kid may have moved to a new bed, and you are not planning on having a baby anytime soon. Consequently, you could have been thinking of getting rid of your crib. However, it’s not time to discard it yet as you can use it as some outdoor furniture. 

You can use the crib to create an outdoor shelf for placing stuff. Simply remove one side rail and align it horizontally on the crib to make a stand. Install a glass panel or wood planks on the top of the structure to complete the look. 

It will be a perfect movable outdoor shelf that you can use as a bookshelf or a platform to place your stuff. 

8. Cabinet Door Coat Rack

There are many ways of repurposing an old door, and one of them is to create an outdoor clothes rack. 

An old door is still sturdy, so it’s not yet time to discard it. Attach it to an outdoor structure to create a coat rack. You will need to sand the dirt that has probably attached to the surface. 

Also, paint it to match the structure’s color to which it attaches. Lastly, nail some hooks to create a coat rack. The good thing about this repurposing is that one cabinet door can make several racks. Hence, you will not have to worry anymore about where to hang your coat as you work outside. 

9. Make a Cupboard Cart

Do you have a cupboard so old and worn out that you just want it off your yard? Don’t just throw it away yet, as it can still be an essential thing. You can convert it to a cupboard cart that you can use to store tools. 

Suppose you are an antique enthusiast, the older the cupboard, the better. You will, of course, need to do some repairs to improve its look. Nonetheless, painting is unnecessary if you want to create a vintage cart. 

Add wheels on the bottom of the cupboard to facilitate moving it from one point to another. Also, attach hooks to the cart to hang tools like paintbrushes.

Additionally, attach a plank on the topside of the cart to serve as a work surface. Lastly, you can install a lockable door to secure the tools inside. 

10. Bed-Esque Bench

Having beds with metal headboards may not be trendy anymore, but you can still find outdoor use for them. You can create a beautiful antique-style outdoor bench with an old metallic bed with a metal headboard. 

Cut the bed at about two feet from the bed. The metallic headboard will act as the bench’s back platform. Add wooden or metallic legs on the other end to complete the look. Since you will probably place this bench in the open, it’s best to paint it. 

11. Turn Dresser Drawers into a Puppy Spa

Your dog deserves a pleasant and comfortable place to nap during the day. Here is where the old dresser drawer that you no longer use comes in handy. Give your dog the perfect rest area by making use of the dresser drawer you no longer use. 

Add some cushion on the inside to make it comfortable. Additionally, paint it on the outside in contrasting colors to give it a final vibrant look. 

In addition to putting cushions on the inside, fasten a Blissun 9′ Outdoor Aluminum Patio Umbrella on one side. It will be handy in protecting the puppy area from direct sunlight. 

12. Potting Bench Fix

You know how essential a potting bench is when tending your flowers if you are a gardening enthusiast. You can use your old kitchen table for that purpose by placing it outside. It will serve you well like any other expensive table you would purchase from the store.

Outdoor furniture should be vintage, and such a table will ideally give that appearance.  You don’t even have to paint it, especially if you want that unfinished look. 

Suppose you find one large enough that it has space on the underside, the better. A large table will give you a large area to store your plant pots. Also, you can use this space to store your tools. 

13. Cabinet Door Headboard

A patio bed is an excellent place where you can relax or sleep. You can purchase a LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Round Daybed from Amazon.

But what if you are operating on a small budget? If that’s your case, the best alternative is to repurpose the cabinet door you no longer use to make a bed.

A cabinet door makes a perfect outdoor headboard as it is sturdy. It will also give your patio bed a classic look. You will require assembling the other parts of the bed. Nonetheless, this should also not be a challenge as all you need is to get an old bed frame from the flea market. 

Paint the final structure to give it a uniform look. 

14. Bedspring Bottle Holders

Are you looking for a fashionable antique way of holding empty beer bottles? Bedsprings will serve you best. Your bed could be old and outdated, but the springs are still helpful. Give them proper use by creating wine bottle holding platforms outside your house. 

You can create this platform all by yourself. Simply invert the be springs with the wider side on the top. Mount them at an angle to create a classy look. Also, nail them well as you don’t want your expensive wine falling off. 

Bedspring bottle holders are an excellent idea when creating an outdoor bar. Add some neon lights close to the beer holders to give it a beautiful classic appeal. 

How Do You Protect Furniture Outside?

Any weather is not suitable, bottle wine for your outdoor furniture. Whether it is the warm summer sunshine you have been hoping for or the freezing winter snow, it’s all harmful to your furnishings.

Hence, it would help if you found a way of protecting your outdoor furniture. Here are some of the ways of protecting it. 

  • Ensure that your furniture is clean at all times.
  • Protect its fabric and hold it into place.
  • Use furniture sunscreen.
  • Make sure to use outdoor fabric.
  • Give the furniture some shade. 

Let us look at each one of them at length. 

1. Keep it Clean

You might cover your outdoor furniture, but this will not prevent it from collecting dirt from the surrounding. Thus, it is imperative to clean it once in a while. 

The best time to clean your outdoor furniture is during the summer when there is plenty of sunshine. It will dry quickly in such weather. When washing, use soap and some warm water. The two will be handy in dislodging the tough stains on the furniture. 

If there is some tough grime, you can remove it by scraping it off with a sponge. You can use a strong jet of water from a hose during rinsing.

Nonetheless, if you can use a power washer, the better it will expel all the soap and tough grime that is difficult to remove with the washing sponge. 

After rinsing, allow it to dry before putting back the cushions. Remember that regular washing of iron furniture will induce rusting. Therefore, avoid doing it often. Nonetheless, if you paint it, there’s little chance that it’ll rust. 

2. Protect the Fabric 

Cushions are significant for giving your wrought iron furniture some comfort. Nonetheless, they get easily destroyed by precipitation. Hence, it would help if you protect them. 

You will be required to regularly wash the outdoor upholstery using soap and warm water. Next, place it in a place with sunlight for drying. Once it is thoroughly dried, it is time to spray some fabric protectors. I recommend Nano Tex-10 Textile and Fabric Protector. It facilitates the maintenance of fabric’s breathability all the time. 

However, before spraying it all, ensure that you test whether it discolors the fabric. If it doesn’t, you can go ahead to spray the entire upholstery. 

If your upholstery is made of leather, use Leather Honey Leather Conditioner. The honey-based conditioner will penetrate all leather upholstery parts to complete protection. The good thing about this conditioner is that you can also use it on your leather clothes or belt. 

3. Hold the Furniture in Place

Outdoor furniture gets dirty when a strong wind blows the cushions away. You, therefore, need a means of keeping your outdoor upholstery in place.

There are many ways of doing this. Consider using Strenco 2 Inch Adhesive Black Hook and Loop Tape. The tape will hold the cushion to the furniture at all times. 

You can easily remove it when you want to take it out for washing. 

4. Use Furniture Sunscreen

Direct sunlight will do great harm to your furniture as it would on your skin. Hence, you must protect it regularly to prevent the fabric from fading so quickly.

The ideal protection for metallic and plastic furniture is an outdoor furniture protector. On the other hand, exterior paint will do the job with wooden furniture. 

Exterior paint protects furniture from direct UV rays that are destructive. It also ensures that your furniture is safe from extreme heat and moisture.

If painting is not in your plans, consider applying an exterior wood sealer to your table. Ready Seal 512 5 is the ideal sealer for such a job. 

During painting, ensure that you protect everything perfectly. Hence, you will have to paint even the furniture parts that are not exposed, such as the underside.

Remember that moisture is likely to affect the unexposed parts first as they will also dry. Therefore, this is where the warping of the furniture will stem from. 

5. Plan Ahead

Sometimes all you need to protect your furniture is to plan ahead of time. You may not accurately predict the weather. Nonetheless, have a plan on how to move your furniture to a protected place if a heavy downpour is in the offing. 

Alternatively, you can cover the furniture to protect it from direct sunlight. Furniture covers will be handy in protecting the table from a heavy downpour.

Nonetheless, they will be useless if there is a strong wind. Hence, the best option is to move the furniture to a shade or protected area if the aim is to cushion against the wind. 

6. Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric must use cloth for your outdoor upholstery. Such material can withstand mildew and moisture.

Therefore, it will remain in good condition even after it rained on. You do not, of course, intend to leave it exposed to the rain as, despite its resistance, it will wear out ultimately. 

You may find it hard to obtain outdoor fabric. Consider using a spray on the regular material to protect it in such a case. I recommend Scotchgard Water Shield spray. It will reinforce the upholstery’s surface, making it ready to withstand the rough outdoor conditions. 

7. Provide a Shade

You don’t necessarily have to keep moving your furniture when installing a shade above can do the job. Also, exposing your outdoor furniture to direct rain and sunlight will accelerate the furnishings deterioration. Therefore, constructing a simple shade will do the trick in keeping things safe inside. 

Can Acrylic Furniture Be Used Outdoors?

If you think of using acrylic fabric for outdoor furniture, you are making the right choice. Fiber is one of the most weather-resistant materials, and it is also highly durable. Also, if mold and mildew are a vital concern in your yard, the acrylic fabric is resistant. 

Therefore, the material is one of the best for use in outdoor furniture. Most of the acrylic fabric dips in a dye before weaving. Thus, the color is profoundly embedded in the material and does not wear off quickly. 

Due to the deep dying technique, acrylic fiber is resistant to fading even when exposed to direct sunlight for an extensive period. It is also resistant to water, but this does not mean that it loses its breathability properties. 

The material will be excellent even when the weather is hot, making it ideal for outdoor furniture in hot environments. It also does not attract dirt easily.

Cleaning it is also straightforward as slight scraping with soap and warm water will remove all the attached dirt. It will also dry fast, considering that it’s water-resistant.

Mind you, the cleaning will not affect its color. It is therefore arguably the best material for use in outdoor furniture. 

How Do You Weatherproof a Wood Table?

Wood is one of the oldest building materials, and when well treated, it makes sturdy structures that remain strong for hundreds of years.

Nonetheless, the material will quickly give in to moisture and humidity if not well protected. You might have probably seen wood that is warped or even swollen. 

The cause of that is lack of sufficient protection from moisture which is the primary cause of wood deterioration. Therefore, weatherproofing .is imperative in creating a durable outdoor wood table. 

Here are some of the fundamental ways of achieving the complete protection of wood. 

  • Create a hand-rubbed finish using tung oil or Linseed.
  • Seal the surface using varnish, polyurethane, or lacquer.
  • Use a stain-sealant combo to give your exterior a weatherproof coating. 

Check out how to apply each one of them here below. 

1. Creating a Hand Rubbed Oil Finish

Oil derived from Linseed or tung tree is two of the commonly used hand-rubbed finishes widely used. They have been applied to protect hardwood lumber such as walnut and mahogany for many years. You can also use the oil to give your tabletop a protective cover. 

You can hasten the drying period of the oil by applying it together with other substances. During application, you can purchase the material and mix them for yourself. Alternatively, you can buy readymade oils made from the products above and apply them directly. 

If you choose to mix it all by yourself, take one part of either of the oils. Mix it with a similar proportion of polyurethane and another similar proportion of mineral spirits. 

After thoroughly mixing your proportions, it is now time to apply it. Follow the following steps. 

  • Sand and brush the wood table to remove the attached dirt. Once clean, apply the oil using a hand brush. Remember that this method applies to hardwoods that are typically dark such as mahogany. If you have light-colored wood, do not use this method as the final finish will not be attractive. 
  • After application, allow the oil to soak. Next, identify the parts where the oil has not yet penetrated and apply it again. 
  • Allow the wood to dry thoroughly. It might take a few hours to one day, depending on the composition of your mixture. 
  • When it is dry, sand the surface using fine-grit sandpaper to make it smooth and even. 
  • You can repeat this process many times until you have the desired number of coats. 

You can modify the composition of the oil blends to obtain the desired outcome. If you want a thick piece, reducing the proportion of the mineral spirit will help. Also, if you’re going to give the surface a glossy look and prompt quick-drying, add the polyurethane’s ratio. 

Precaution: Beware that the rag you will use to wipe off the excess oil can easily ignite. It can happen even in the absence of a flame as the drying process evolves heat. Therefore, remember to have some water on standby in case this happens. 

2. Use Sealants 

Applying polyurethane and lacquer will make your table weather resistant. Varnish will also give your table a shiny appeal while protecting it from dangerous weather.

Spray or apply the sealant on the table’s surfaces. Do not also forget to paint the underside of the table and the legs. 

Apply the sealant at room temperature for efficient absorption and drying. Also, do not shake it before application. Shaking will introduce bubbles that will also form on the wood’s surface even during application. 

All the sealants dry quickly. Nonetheless, applying them in an area with sufficient ventilation is essential. The following are some of the characteristics of each of the glues. 


Sealants made from this material are ideal for wood of any color as, unlike the oils, they do not yellow. Depending on your preference, you can either use oil or water-based polyurethane. If you want to give your table a durable cover, choose the oil-based polyurethane. 


The material also does not yellow after drying. It is therefore ideal for all types of wood. For your outdoor wood table, the marine varnish is the most ideal. It is resistant to UV light which is commonplace with outdoor furniture. 


It can develop a yellow color after drying on lighter wood. However, on dark-toned wood, the lacquer will grant the material a beautiful glow in addition to protecting it from direct sun. 

3. Use Stain-sealant Combos

If you want to protect your wooden table and save time, a stain-sealant combo is the best option. The upside of this option is that it will guarantee protection to your surface while also giving it an attractive color. 

With the product, you can finally obtain light or opaque finish depending on the pigments of the particular combo. The stain-sealant combo will soak into the wood, and the excess paint will vaporize off. 

Final Thoughts

If you have been wondering what to do with your old worn-out furniture, you now have some helpful repurposing ideas. Use the table to give your outdoor area a fresh new look at a low cost. 

We have given you elaborate tips on repurposing some of the furniture. You do not have to follow everything to the letter necessarily. Be innovative and craft unique ways of improving your outdoor space. 

Also, do not forget to protect your outdoor furniture using the above-given tips. 


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