8 Effective Ways to Rid Your Deck or Patio Space of Spiders

Having pests like spiders around the homestead yard is unwelcome for most people. Not only are they a nuisance, but they are also dangerous as some are poisonous. Also, they will build webs all over your deck or patio. So, what are some ways to keep spiders off of your deck or patio? We find out below.

Here are eight ways to get rid of spiders from your home:

  1. Use an electronic repellent
  2. Keep your area clean
  3. Rear a pet
  4. Seal all openings
  5. Use spider traps
  6. Control the lights
  7. Eliminate possible spider homes
  8. Remove all the spider webs from the deck

We will expound on the proven means of keeping the arachnids at bay. Take a look. 

How Do You Keep Spiders Away Permanently?

Keeping spiders away from your yard should not prove arduous, especially when you control what attracts them. Primarily, they will visit your deck or patio in search of shelter, food, and water.

Hence, keeping them away is pretty simple. Just eliminate the food, shelter, and moist environment. Also, keep your patio area well lit. 

In addition to these hacks, the following are some of the tried and tested ways of eliminating them permanently: 

1. Use an Electronic Repellent

An electronic repellent will do the job of eliminating the arachnids from your deck or yard area. It works via the emission of an ultrasonic sound that is scary to the spiders. The good thing is that you will not note this sound as it is only sensitive to tiny organisms. 

Also, it is a perfect alternative to the use of chemicals during control. Hence, given that your deck is an area frequented by people, it will remain safe even with the help of the repellent. 

Nonetheless, you must ensure that your patio or deck area has an electricity supply. The device will only work while connected to electrical power. 

Also, you may strain in choosing the right electronic repellent. But this should be the last of concerns as there are numerous brands in online sellers or even your local stores. Choose a brand such as the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, cheap and largely effective. 

2. Keep Your Area Clean

If your deck or patio is unkempt, you will have trouble keeping spiders away. It is their ideal living environment as it will be easy to hide. Hence, the critical hack is making sure the deck area is clutter-free at all times. 

Hence, make a point of cleaning the area often and checking out for a possible infestation. If present, it would be necessary to do extermination after cleaning. Do not allow boxes or other unwanted materials to pile in the deck or patio. 

When the area is clean, you can easily detect cobwebs. 

Also, eliminating thick vegetation cover around your deck or patio is essential. Dense vegetation is an ideal breeding environment for spiders. Thus, it would help if you kept it short to discourage the animals from reproducing permanently.

3. Rear a Pet

You might find that a pet is all you need to remove these arachnids from your yard. A cat is a known hunter. Hence having it around is thus a sure bet that it will not allow any crawling animal to move around the house. 

A cat will not eliminate the entire spider infestation problem, but it will prove helpful in decimating the numbers. Hence, rear one and let it do the job for you. 

You must nonetheless be keen on identifying the spider species you are dealing with. Some types, such as the False Widow, are harmful around your cat. 

4. Seal All Openings

Denying the spiders a place to build their nests is the most effective means of controlling them. Hence, you must ensure that your deck or patio is free from openings. If you have stored boxes in the patio area, make sure they are covered. 

Also, regularly check inside the boxes to identify any sign of an infestation. You can quickly identify this by looking for the presence of webs. Additionally, keep all the crates closed. 

You may also have cracks in the deck that are large enough to give the spiders a perfect breeding ground. Keep them covered at all times and apply fumigants like the Spiders On the Run spray. 

5. Use Spider Traps

Consider using spider traps if you are dealing with a spider infestation valuable, almost getting out of hand. They are of different kinds, but any type should effectively do the job perfectly. 

The best kinds, though, are the stick traps that work by inhibiting the activity of the spiders. So when choosing a spider trap, we recommend using a tried and tested brand, such as Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap. It is sticky and thus will inhibit the motion of any crawling animal in your deck. 

The only downside is that the wind might blow off your sticky traps, especially when considering that you’ll be using it outdoors. However, you can hold the traps in position using a small tape. 

The fundamental upside of this trap is that you could also catch mice in your deck. Hence, it is a solution to almost all pests around your patio.  

6. Control the Lights 

If you are observant, you have probably noted that spiders tend to build their webs around light sources. You will find this, especially where there is light in an outdoor light source. 

Light attracts many insects such as fruit flies, and spiders visit the areas to feed on these insects. Hence, as long as there is a light source, the flying insects will always come around, and spiders will make the area their home. 

You can therefore limit the light by only using it when necessary. However, sometimes switching it off is inevitable, especially if you stay on the deck at night.

In such a case, remove the webs regularly. It will discourage the spiders from perching around the light source. 

7. Eliminate Possible Spider Homes

A firewood stack near your patio, deck, or anywhere in the yard could be the ideal spider breeding site. You must remove such things that provide perfect breeding grounds. Take them as away as possible from the areas you are protecting from a spider infestation. 

Alternatively, spray the possible homes with an insecticide or repellent. 

8. Remove All the Spider Webs from the Deck 

If the creepy arachnids have already perched on your deck, remove their webs. It will not control them as effectively as the means mentioned above. Nonetheless, it will signal that they are unwelcome in the area. Consequently, they’ll avoid perching around. 

Removing webs is easy, and you can do it using your hands. However, sometimes you may require to cover a large area. In such a scenario, consider using a web spray eliminator. 

An eliminator such as Nisus 30115 Web Out Insecticide & Web Preventer will do the job effectively in keeping your deck web-free. It will not just work for spiders but will also control other insects. Hence, it is double advantageous, primarily if you deal with a sizable uncontrollable pest infestation. 

Its other fundamental upside is that it is non-corrosive. Hence it will not be harsh on the metallic deck parts.

What Kills Spiders & Keep them Away?

There are numerous remedies for killing spiders and also keeping them away. As we have earlier stated, eliminating the attractants such as food, water, and ideal breeding grounds is the fundamental way of achieving this. 

We have already covered the ways of keeping spiders away. Let’s now delve into the various extermination methods where there is an existing infestation. 

1. Using Spider Killing Spray 

You should note a significant difference between a spider-killing spray and an insecticide. For example, a spray will work by inhibiting the activity of the motion of the spider. In that case, the spider will not get close to your yard or deck. 

A spider-killing spray is also discriminatory. It will only affect the targeted pests without harming the others. 

2. Use an Insecticide

On the other hand, an insecticide is the most effective means of annihilating spiders. It is best for use, especially when several spiders are roaming around.

If you see a few of the arachnids, there is a chance that there are many others. Hence an insecticide spray is the ideal control option. 

To control spiders around your deck or patio area, spray the insecticide on the surfaces. Concentrate more on the areas where they are primarily visible. Also, be keen on getting the insecticide into areas with cracks where spiders are likely to hide; hence you must fill them with the insecticide. 

You can easily access an insecticide from your local store. If you can’t, worry not as Amazon has a wide assortment of such chemicals harmful to the arachnids but innocuous to other valuable insects. A brand such as Ortho Home Defense Max Indoor Insect Barrier effectively uses spider control. 

3. Hire an Exterminator

The professionals have immense training in removing all sorts of spider infestations. They can also remove some of the poisonous spider species.

You could have a scenario whereby the infestation is so intense that the above methods are ineffective in control. For example, think of a case when the spiders are all over your deck and applying the common DIY remedies is futile. In such extreme cases, consider hiring professional exterminators. 

First, the exterminator will inspect the deck area to identify the spiders you’re dealing with and the extent of the infestation.

After the initial extermination, most will follow up to ensure the pests are removed entirely. If the spiders are still present, they will apply further control measures. 

Hiring an exterminator may be costly. However, it is a worthwhile option when you are unsure about the control process. 

What is the Best Spider Repellent?

Repelling the arachnids is also among the most effective control measures. Some of the repellants are readily available, and you do not have to spend a dime to access them. 

Let’s discuss the most effective spider repellents. 

1. Tobacco

The smell of tobacco is unattractive to spiders. Hence, placing tobacco near your deck or patio will make it out of bounds for spiders.

Application is also easy. Simply place the tobacco leaves around where the spiders frequent and are fond of hiding. 

Tobacco balls made of water, flour, and tobacco leaves will also do the job. You must be keen to keep the leaves away from access by kids or pets. Hence, ensure that the kids are not present as long as the balls are around the deck. 

2. Eucalyptus Oil 

Among the essential oils that are effective in controlling spiders is eucalyptus oil. You can also easily prepare a mixture to facilitate application. All you need is to mix water and oil to make a homogeneous solution. Next, spray it around the deck and patio. 

An alternative application measure is by soaking cotton balls in the solution and positioning them around the yard. It will repel the spider and other pests such as snakes and mosquitoes. 

If you cannot access eucalyptus oil, all is not gloom. You can instead use eucalyptus springs. Their pungent smell will repel the arachnids, and they will not come anywhere close. 

3. Cedar

Cedar is also one of the strong-smelling plants which repel spiders. Therefore, when there are cedarwood tree parts, the spiders will not frequent your patio.

Cedar mulch is the most effective solution. Nonetheless, if you cannot access it, cedar oil is a viable alternative. 

It is as effective as the mulch in repelling the arachnids. 

4. Citrus 

All citrus fruits will effectively rebuff spiders from coming to your deck or patio. Hence, when you have fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and lemons, you have the ultimate spider’s remedy. 

Place the citrus fruits peelings in the deck area, and the arachnids will avoid it. Also, their juice is an effective repellent. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice on the surface, and it will do the job. 

Citrus juice will not be active for long. Hence, you must reapply the juice after approximately 24 hours. Also, replace the peels regularly. 

5. Apple Hedges

If you have tried the above repellants without success, use apple hedges. They have for many years been applied in keeping spiders away from your yard. 

However, apple hedges are poisonous. Hence, you should be careful when handling them. Also, keep them away from children and pets to prevent poisoning. One way to achieve this is to use protective clothes when contacting the apple hedges. 

6. Vinegar

There are arguably fewer better spider repellants than ordinary household vinegar. Its strong smell will keep the arachnids away very effectively. Apply vinegar on the surfaces of the deck. 

Unfortunately, this smell will wane after some time, especially when hot and humid weather. Hence, you must apply the repellant regularly. All in all, despite this shortfall, it is an effective technique that will cost you so little to implement. 

7. Herb Pouches

If you are worried about pets and children coming into contact with the repellants, installing herb pouches on your deck is a better idea. Instead of applying the repellants as a spray, you can put them in the pockets. 

Stuff spiders repelling herbs such as mint and lemon balm in cotton pouches. Place the pockets in the deck area. 

Are There Homemade Spider Sprays? 

You can use the above-discussed repellents or choose to make your homemade repellent. Note that the repellents are not 100% effective. Hence, you can supplement them with homemade spider spray to beef up their performance in addition to those repellants. 

Here are various options for making a homemade spider spray: 

  • Essential oils: Purchase any of the essential oils. You do not have to settle for expensive ones as any essential oil will be effective.

    Next, mix eight drops of the essential oil with about 300ml of water. You can also add a teaspoon of dish soap to improve the performance of the mixture. Spray this mixture on the deck 
  • Garlic: A mixture of 5 cloves of garlic in 500ml of water is also effective. During the preparation, ensure that the solution is thoroughly mixed to form a homogenous composition. Spray it on the deck’s surfaces. 
  • Table salt: Salt can also repel and kill spiders, although limited to a few species. Mix a handful of table salt in a gallon of water. Spray the solution on any spiders that you note crawling in the yard. 

Final Thoughts

Killing and removing spiders from your homestead yard is not a super arduous task. Nonetheless, you must be ready to be patient as spiders’ extermination is not a one-off thing. 

The above-highlighted tips should not take so much time, as you can use one or a combination of many for better results. However, the latter will be best, primarily if you deal with a heavy infestation. 

Lastly, you do not have to overspend to contain the spider problem. Just follow the provided homemade remedies, and the pest problem will be a thing of the past. 


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